Isaie Mbonyinshuti Executive director of RYAO.



Isaie Mbonyishuti ,SDGs advocate and Executive Director at Rwanda youth in action organization
In 2016_2022 isaie worked as an executive secretary of a sector in Northern province and contributed a lot to poverty reduction, economic development and the promotion of gender and family.

As genocide survivor many youth faced challenges glowing up without parents and families to care of them, raising their young siblings and start families at a tender age.
Young people by then often missed school because of teen pregnancies or children exploitation,
Though the government had put much efforts in fighting teen pregnancies the gap is still too big within those young parents poverty and illiteracy like their elders, somehow lived through the pain of having no source of income or skills , when Isaie Mbonyishuti started the organization in 2016 it was his main goal to see that
RYAO promotes the formal education and vocational training of vulnerable children including those with disabilities through paying school fees to those in need.
The selection of vulnerable children who benefit from our school fees scheme are selected in close collaboration with local community leaders who helped us to identify those who are poor than others”.
RYAO does regular follow up to see how supported children are performing at school and this help the organization to identify education gaps among children so we took measures to make sure our children perform well.
It was agonising to watch young mothers suffer, looking for other means to put food on the table after failing to secure jobs, which would regularly cause malnutrition to them and their children or make them sleep with different men in exchange for what they needs”.

Culture troupes performance at red rocks initiative 10th anniversary.

For Isaie,the decision of starting this organization came as a relief to the community,Not just because he associated it with the skills he acquired by the time he was a secretary executive of a sector and frequent bouts of poverty and illiteracy also because of the helplessness he felt at seeing so many young people destroying the environment due to ignorance.
This was due to lack of awareness and knowledge encouraging our organization beneficiaries to be animals and environment friends, for example the team in Musanze were thought and encouraged to care about the mountain gorillas and other species like birds.

Performance by Youth in action ambassador’s.

Isaie Mbonyinshuti often wondered if there was a way he could play a role in finding a solution to protect the environment sustainability he couldn’t do it,alone that how he started parternship with red rocks initiative especially in the ongoing cultural festive wich started on 26 August and will end on 2 September/2022 the organization promotes environment debate , dance , drama and games; at the same time, he was very aware of the need to improve youth incomes.
That why in the future they plan to set a center of innovation and entrepreneurship.
The main goal at the center will be to promote environment protection and fight the effects of climate change.
He concluded by pleading to the community to give young people a space and time to discuss different issues and advise them on how to become responsible citizens to protect the future generation.

Twahirwa Umumarashavu Janat.