Djarudi (R) and HIs mother Djaria (L)

It has been six years down the road since Djarudi Ngabonziza was shot by Cleophas Barajiginywa’s brother in law at his residence in Malawi on the fateful night of 8th July 2013. On top of the blood that was spilt in his house, Barajiginywa Cleophas alias Cyoha decided to breach the agreement to compensate the victim with medical support and justice has not been served ever since.
On reception of the news about Djarudi’s shooting, the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi came to his recue since his mother Djaria Muhire is a member and had called on them to help her during this time of despair. The Rwandan diaspora in Malawi therefore provided first aid to the victim after being shot by a one Regis Murigande, the brother to Barajiginywa’s wife at their residence where Djarudi worked for them as a shop assistant. The gun used in the shooting is registered on Barajiginywa as shown in his police report, but had allegedly at first been pinned on a national named Kabwire in attempt to avoid the authorities.
The Rwandan diaspora in Malawi attempted to reconcile the two parties and an agreement was signed on 20th July 2013 by both families and the Committee of the Rwandan Diaspora in Malawi where Cleophas Barajiginywa agreed to pay all the medical bills for Djarudi Ngabonziza until he got well and that he could get back to work afterwards if he wanted to.

Barajiginywa Cleophas alias Cyoha (photo internet)

Barajiginywa, in this very agreement affirmed that he would pay USD 3000 for the victim to be transferred to any hospital in Rwanda for further medical care and to deposit a caution fee of 1,000,000 Malawian Kwacha onto a bank account owned by the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi, which amount was to be refunded to Barajiginywa in case it was not used for Djarudi’s medical bills.
He however reneged on his obligation as had been agreed and ceased attending meetings set by the diaspora until the committee decided to find Djarudi documents to return home to Rwanda without the help of Barajiginywa as had been the plan at first. For the victim to get medical assistance, the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi used their solidarity funds, which was followed by him being put on hold by the committee.
Djarudi Ngabonziza’s mother calls out for help to be extended to her son!
During Djaria Muhire’s dialogue with Mont Jali News, she says that her son has suffered mental issues ever since he was shot in the head and that nothing has improved about his health as he is always treating endless headaches but all in vain due to limited funds. She says their small business has also suffered losses beyond recovery and therefore can neither afford medication for her son nor sustain a living to the extent that she prays to God every day for the next meal, which she says is (“Nsima”, as it is called in Malawi) a portion of mingled maize flour. Djaria has forwarded this issue to the Committee of Rwandan diaspora in Malawi various times to no avail as a result of Barajiginywa’s refusal to abide by the agreement and put his responsibilities into action.

contradicting reports on how the incident occured

According to our sources, Barajiginywa uses his wealthy status to oppress the less privileged by leaving bribes wherever he passes and goes around boosting about having backup and being untouchable. This was proven when instead of persuading him to pay for the damage he had agreed to take responsibility for, some of the members went on to harass those that had decided to put an end to his membership among the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi and that he continues to operate behind their backs.
Djarudi Ngabonziza’s mother says that this case was reported to the Rwandan Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, being received by a diplomat named Ernest Bugingo and later on to Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe. Djaria has since then been waiting on the results for six years as the response she keeps on receiving is “the matter has been forwarded to those it concerns” and then wonders whether those it may concern have not reached a conclusion to solving the case after such a long time for her son to be compensated and given medical attention since Barajiginywa signed this agreement under no pressure.
Mont Jali News on the reception of this case tried to contact Barajiginywa via internet SMS a number of times which he received but did not reply till the date of this publication but we assure to inform our readers as soon as he decides to say something about the allegations.

Djarudi’s travel documents funded by the Committee of Rwandan diaspora in Malawi

Our team also reached out to inquire some leaders of the Committee of the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi on this matter and they agreed to have knowledge about it saying they were involved in the case in hope for a long term solution for Ngabonziza’s health status where an agreement was signed but Barajiginywa did not fulfill his promise. “Till date, Ngabonziza’s health is worrying, on top of living in constant fear and poverty with his mother”, they say. They continue to stress the fact that the victim and his mother are living a sad life but the situation is beyond their capability since the matter has already been forwarded to higher authorities and that they have no responsibility over him since Ngabonziza is no longer a member of the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi.
Djaria’s request to the Head of the Rwandan diaspora in Malawi and the Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is to serve justice and provide medication for her son because no one is above the law, that whoever shot Ngabonziza should honor the written agreement that was signed before the Committee of Rwandan diaspora in Malawi which convinced her not to seek legal justice in the first place with the aim to reconcile them as a Rwandan community away from home.
Her wish is for Barajiginywa Cleophas to compensate Ngabonziza for the time wasted while he could have been sustaining a living differently, most especially that he was shot at Barajiginywa’s residence by his brother in law while Ngabonziza was on duty. “Six years have passed with no salary or support yet he was disabled in this man’s home while on duty, even if he was to fire him, he would have still been obligated to pay what he owes my son alongside with allowances like any other worker since he even considered this in the agreement we signed on 20th July, 2013.”, Djaria says. She confirms that the agreement was the reason why she did not go further to report the case and have Barajiginywa remanded for possession of the gun that shot a person at his residence.
Mont Jali News tried to contact Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe on the issue of the shooting of the Rwandan national, Djarudi Ngabonziza by a fellow Rwandan, Regis Murigande and the failure for his guardian, Cleophas Barajiginywa alias Cyoha to fulfill his obligation as had been agreed between the two families since this case was forwarded to the Rwandan Embassy in Tanzania and was received by one Ernest Bugingo to no avail. The Minister has not yet responded to our contact even after various attempts, some of which messages clearly have been received and read. We look forward to notifying our readers if the concerned decide to open up on the matter!

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Umusozi Jali