Greg Bakunzi, David Newman with a group of young people with no media experience who accomplished in a few days of training astute.

The new Virunga Transboundary Initiative will include communities sharing the Virunga massif in Uganda and DRC. By joining Red Rocks Initiative, the Virunga Transboundary communities will share common goals of supporting women and youth economic empowerment through innovative collaboration. This will in turn advance employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for local communities.

To date, Red Rocks Initiative has been using education and skill development to support individuals create sustainable trade in art, music and cultural diversity.
It’s in this context they have been celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in different culture and art exhibitions not only did they succeed in their various projects ,It also offers teaching in agriculture and livestock farming as part of its environmental conservation red rocks proved to the world that in the fight of banning plastic they invented a way of seed packaging using banana fibers (ibihoho) wich are enviro-friendly These programs have collectively contributed to long term objectives, so this year they plan to plant 7000 different kind of trees, wich 3000 are already planted, ensuring communities benefit from conservation education and ecotourism as a viable livelihood option.

At Red Rocks Intercultural Center they use banana fibers (ibihoho) instead of plastic bags.

In Musanze, Rwanda, the organisation has seen how developing these initiatives with community members has the power to uplift the disadvantaged from poverty this stopped the habit of working only from hand to mouth and instill a sense of purpose and pride.
Greg Bakunzi of Red Rocks Initiative shared “We believe that building partnerships which are long lasting, scalable and transformative is the key to shared value.”

Red Rocks Initiative would like to thank new partners, Gilbert Makerere and David Newman, DRC and Sheba Hanyurwa, Uganda for their dedication and willingness to carry the same mission of the initiative across the borders linked to community based conservation.

Eco- enviro friendly stoves were given to the community.

The red rocks initiative 10th anniversary is being celebrated from 26th August to 2nd September with the gorilla naming ceremony on the slopes of birunga national park.

Twahirwa Umumarashavu Janat.