Dear readers

Every year, the date September 28 is observed as World News Day. For this reason, Mont Jali News has joined forces with other journalists to benefit the entire world in the celebration of World News Day.
With more than 100 media outlets around the world working together to ensure that information reaches the beneficiaries, accessing and reporting reliable information that is not false, exaggerating and attacking the vulnerable.
Mont Jali News wishes to inform those concerned that journalists have already taken steps to raise the issue of impartiality to give everyone the floor regardless of the interests of one side.
The leaders of various countries that oppress the media are encouraged to provide freedom of expression and access to information where the laws enforced not only appear in the written form but are also put into practice.
We at Mont Jali News wish you all the best, and for the media to be more vocal in the defense of those whose voices need to be heard.