Part of the AGRUNI team that attended the training

On 4th December 2019, a team of AGRUNI Ltd led by Ngenzi Shiraniro Jean Paul travelled to Belgium for a professional training on recycling garbage and environmental conservation with the use of modern technology as is done in the First World countries compared to Rwandan dumping grounds.

Part of the agenda for AGRUNI Ltd is to collect, transport and recycle the refuse they get from homes, companies, hotels, and other institutions that require smooth, organized, quick and reliable services.

The workshop which ended on 14th December, 2019 left the attendees with knowledge and the ability to train other workers how to recycle different types of garbage, most especially plastic waste where they learned it’s types where some are simpler and others harder to recycle. By the end of the training, the attendees had learned how to manufacture fertilizer and laboratory monitoring to prevent the bacteria in the products from causing any harm.
They were sensitized and trained on protecting the environment from the pollution brought about by the factories during the process of manufacturing fertilizer.
While we call it garbage, the experts at ECOWERF with their long-term experience in collecting and recycling find a solution through the refuse.

Some of the recyclable Plastic materials

Trainees in one of the high-tech laboratories

The trainees are expected to provide better results on their return to Rwanda, especially the knowledge they have acquired from such experts as Tom Verschuere and Wootel Peter which will aid them to perfect and conserve the Kayonza dumping ground in Eastern Rwanda.

The CEO of AGRUNI Ltd, Ngenzi Shiraniro Jean Paul who also attended the training affirms that it is of great importance as they are learning how to use First World technology with the goal of having their company being the first to use such technology in their field, corresponding to the vision set by and for Rwanda.

One of the vehicles installed with high-end technology to facilitate better garbage collection and transportation services

This technology is high-end because the vehicles that collect and transport the garbage can detect the number of clients working with the company, the weight of garbage per collection and a communication system where operators can send and receive messages in real time since the workers are trained on how to operate the systems.
The training is expected to result in reduction of heavy labor since the machines to be used can detect how much weight one is to transport per client hence giving them health security compared to the previous system.
With healthier workers and simplified technology, the company envisions greater results.

Inside the vehicles, the operator is able to detect the weight of garbage per collection

“We have learned a lot that will help us operate better”, says CEO AGRUNI Ltd. “During the two weeks spent here in Europe, we have learned to operate different machines to recycle garbage, how to conserve the environment and workers’ health, and a lot more. The environment and the people here are hospitable and I would like to thank our partners ECOWERF and EXCHANGE that have helped us continuously”, he added.

The delegation worked closely with a team of students at the University of Louvain, Belgium.

A team of experts and AGRUNI trainees alongside students at University of Louvain

In a nutshell, Rwandans at large have hopes that AGRUNI Ltd will provide a solution concerning domestic and industrial waste by recycling it into fertilizer and other reusable material which step will reduce pollution, both air and land, in order to conserve the environment.

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