Global Missionary Council Movement – Africa, set to hold conference seminar in Nairobi

Kenyan group of prayer ministers from GLOBAL MISSIONARY COUNCIL MOVEMENT- Africa, in conjunction with ESSENCE OF GOD’S WORD REVIVAL MINISTRY is conducting a four[4] days conference seminar set to take place from 24th to 28th February 2022 in Nairobi—Kenya.

This seminar, with the theme “Understanding the Spiritual Divine Mandate God has For Africa [Acts 1:8]” is hosting ministries, NGOs and individuals from a variety of African countries such as DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda among others and some from Pakistan and the rest of the world to join hands and achieve their common goals and objectives as revivalists.

The program will be divided in sessions namely; The fire brigade prayer retreat, Revival seminars, and Ministering in different churches which shall be conducted respectively.