”Women deserve equity essentially for health, development of children and communities worldwide, the right to quality care and respect.
Mobility and mortality due to poor quality of care is higher than that of lack of access or utilization.
Raise our voice to the Nation, government to prevent early pregnancy; a young girl doesn’t need to be on TV or outcast because she received contraceptive.”
– Kemri on contraception, HIV and STIs update on the evidence and implications for putting women at the center

Dr. Maricianah Onono KEMRI from the Kenya Science Journalists Congress 2019

Researcher vouches for inclusion in more women in Family Planning and HIV research
Dr. Maricianah Onono KEMRI at the science cafe which was held alongside the third Kenya Science Journalists Congress 2019 told the media to put women at the center while reporting on HIV and Family Planning.
“Stop vilifying unmarried adolescents 18 years and under who take contraceptives,” she added. Women, she noted, are often underrepresented in clinical trials on HIV infections

The trial shows that women represent half of those living with HIV and a majority of new infections.
The diagnoses were made on those who went to the health center to seek for safe and effective contraception methods in family planning.
In Africa, many women have an unmet need for contraception and injectables which are the most used methods, although Kenya has met its FP2020 goal for FP59% CPR, still the younger adolescents and the women within the lowest wealth quintile still have a high unmet needs.

The find rate of new HIV infection
In total of 397 of the 7829 women acquired HIV during the study.
The overall rate of new HIV infections was 3.81% / year.
The trial was done also on S.T.I the risk of NG (gonorrhea) and CT (chlamydia trachomatis) was considerable in this population at both the baseline and final visits even in the context of routine prevention counseling and syndromic management.
Unmet needs women in need of services can access service, empowered to access these services, irrespective their age, ability to pay, geography location or education.
According to KEMRI, researchers study enlightened the public that if women are helped to get safe contraception ,infection treatment it may reduce the rate of maternal mortality, unwanted pregnancy, STI and HIV management.

Twahirwa Umumarashavu Janat.


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